January Dance News
Please remember we have Starlettes Parade Team practice this Saturday (1/14) at 9:30-11:30!!!!
We have a limited amount of rehearsals ...
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Part of our busy off season included installing all new dance floors in our studios! We are really excited about...
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Starlettes Dance Team

The Maureen Bersuder Academy of Dance Arts Starlettes Dance Team perform in local Mardi Gras and Irish/Italian parades. The Team has been judged the number one parade dance team in the local and surrounding area for the past 8 years. The dancers range in age from pre-school to college and are known for their high kicks, precise timing, and big smiles.  Parents of team members are asked to participate as chaperones when possible.

Anyone interested in joining the group should contact us for information.

Starlette Dance Team Photos

MBADA_Starlette_Dance_Team_026 MBADA_Starlette_Dance_Team_030 MBADA_Starlette_Dance_Team_022 MBADA_Starlette_Dance_Team_005 MBADA_Starlette_Dance_Team_013 MBADA_Starlette_Dance_Team_024 MBADA_Starlette_Dance_Team_003 MBADA_Starlette_Dance_Team_010 MBADA_Starlette_Dance_Team_016 MBADA_Starlette_Dance_Team_012 MBADA_Starlette_Dance_Team_020 MBADA_Starlette_Dance_Team_014 MBADA_Starlette_Dance_Team_017 MBADA_Starlette_Dance_Team_009 MBADA_Starlette_Dance_Team_021 MBADA_Starlette_Dance_Team_007 MBADA_Starlette_Dance_Team_015 MBADA_Starlette_Dance_Team_032 MBADA_Starlette_Dance_Team_011 MBADA_Starlette_Dance_Team_001 MBADA_Starlette_Dance_Team_004 MBADA_Starlette_Dance_Team_006 MBADA_Starlette_Dance_Team_002 MBADA_Starlette_Dance_Team_028 MBADA_Starlette_Dance_Team_008 MBADA_Starlette_Dance_Team_018 MBADA_Starlette_Dance_Team_023 MBADA_Starlette_Dance_Team_029 MBADA_Starlette_Dance_Team_019 MBADA_Starlette_Dance_Team_025 MBADA_Starlette_Dance_Team_031 MBADA_Starlette_Dance_Team_027

Did you miss our award winning dance troupe, The Starlettes, at local events last season? Check out our Starlettes in action here. If you or your dancer want to join the Starlettes to march in local parades, the time to sign up is here! Contact us for more information.
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If you have not regsitered your dancer for classes, don't fret! There is still time!
Call or text Maureen at (985)768-8174. Hurry because class space is limited and slots are vanishing quickly!
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